just feel better

The fine-tunning of your health spectrum, or the perfect beginning

If you are looking for a meaningful anti-aging strategies you will find this especielly in a healthy lifestyle.These include a balanced diet, exercise and relaxation, as well as training of mental health and timely disclosure of personal risk.

This will include supporting the body in the figth against free radicals in order to slow down the aging process.Our health and our well-being are much of an optimal supply of micro-nutrients, oxygen and water-dependent.

What I offer :

  • The vitamin-mineral treatment, ensures an optimum supply of your cells
  • An oxygen treatment – discovered (Prof. Manfred von Ardenne) in the comfort of your own home
  • The water cure, is the royal road to health and well-being
  • A vitamin B12 injection, provides the kick to the reduced performance
  • A clinical hypnosis, supportive of the dietary change
  • The nutrition&body performance analysis, your personal health check
  • The hair –mineral-analysis – accurate and incorruptible
  • The PWC-test (Physical Working Capacity), your physical performance and cardio Check
  • The lactate test- endurance performance diagnostics, for your individual exercise plan