Nutrition & Medicine

I would be happy to advise you how to eat a healthy diet even if you have certain conditions, such as type 2 diabetes. Take a look at the different themes of my classes to find something of interest to you. I am open to other suggestions and look forward to helping you.

Contact me and I will prepare a presentation for your desired topic. I am happy to present the lecture in kindergardens, schools, clubs, offices, in companies or in a small, private group.

Du bist, was du isst!

You are what you eat!

Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food "Hippocrates (460-370 BC).

This sentence still has its relevance today, especially as it's increasingly difficult to find good and honest food. It is true that the food we eat, has a serious effect on our bodies. Curious? Call me!


Gesunde Ernährung

Healthy Eating

Everyone wants to eat healthily - but what exactly is a healthy diet? Do you have to give up many things? How can you introduce healthy nutrition for your family and in your everyday life? You probably ask yourself these questions often and now I can give you answers!


Meine Figur

My figure

If you are tired of the many diets that promise miracles, but at the end can not deliver what was promised, then contact me and see how you can lose weight without counting every single calorie. Learn to enjoy food again, without a guilty conscience and reach for long-term changes in your diet.


Leichter leben - fettarm essen

Living leighter - Eating low fat

What kind of fats do our bodies need and which ones are actually healthy? There are so many myths and half truths about fat but I'll help you to separate the fact from the fiction! Get answers to your questions and you will see that you do not have to forgo the pleasure.


Zucker - das Verwirrspiel

Sugar - good or bad?

Is Sugar healthy or unhealthy? Do our bodies need sugar to survive? Which sugars can I consume without hurting my body? Is your head buzzing with the many confusing statements that are there about sugar? I will help you through the jungle of information and show you what the alternatives are.


Herz und Kreislauf

Cardiovascular System

Diseases of the cardiovascular system are on the rise in our modern society. A shift in the daily diet to more fat and meat seems to be responsible for this, in most cases. With a few small changes, however, I can show you how to adjust this imbalance!



Kidney Disorders

German and British researchers have found that kidney diseases will be on the rise in the future. Mostlly they are due to an increase of endemic diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure that are in direct interaction with the kidneys. Healthy kidneys filter our blood and rid it of toxic metabolites, which are excreted in the urine. With a kidney disease, the kidneys no longer perform this function properly. By adjusting the diet we can meet the needs of your kidneys.


Diabetes Typ 2

Diabetes type 2

The number of those affected by Diabetes type 2 is increasing. Many are not aware of the benefits that a change of diet can bring. I want to take away the fear of changing your diet and together we will put a nutrition plan in place that allows you to dispense as little as possible and still have the enjoyment.


Gelenke & Knochen

Joints & Bones

Many studies have demonstrated that through an appropriate diet it is possible to influence inflammation and pain in our musculoskeletal system. We will develop a tailored nutrition program and integrate it into your everyday life.


Magen & Darm

Stomach & Bowel Disorders

The disorders of the gastrointestinal tract are varied and usually associated with impaired digestion. It is necessary to protect the affected system and restore the digestive function. Together we will create a concept for your individual needs and put it into practice.


Lebensmittelallergien und - unverträglichkeitenFood Allergies and Intolerances

The number of people who suffer from food intolerances or food allergies has increased dramatically in recent years. Not only have environmental or genetic preconditions played a role, but increasingly our diet affects the way we react to food. It is important to isolate the causative food and replace it as much as possible. Today there are many possibilities that I can show you!



Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a disease of the small intestine. The damage to the small intestine is caused by a grain protein called gluten. Today it is not difficult to implement a gluten-free diet. I am happy to advise you!