Fit Kids

Coaching children

Why is a balanced diet, exercise and relaxation for children so important?

Children are in a physical growth phase in which they are also called mentally strong. So they need for their physical and mental development, concentration, performance, and in order to strengthening the immune system a optimal supply of all nutrients, and plenty of exercise and relaxation.

Nutrition - During childhood is significantly shaped the eating habits, taste preferences and aversions trained and provided overall direction for a healthy lifestyle in later adulthood. Through the mediation of a healthy nutrition in childhood, the subsequent development of diet-related diseases such as diabetes mellitus, lipid disorders, gout, etc. are prevented.

Movement - In addition to a balanced diet –also makes exercise an important contribution to a healthy child, the movement experiences are irreplaceable. They promote their spiritual, emotional and social development of personality.

Relaxation – The autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation are perfect to calm your child it learns to increase concentration, reduce anxiety, strengthen self-confidence and improve the health.

On these three pillars is built on my concept of coaching children and aims to awaken in children the awareness of a healthy lifestyle.