Family Foodcoach

I come to your home and coach you in your own kitchen. Together we will explore the best nutrition for your family and have lots of fun. You will receive lots of nutritional and practical information along the way too. I'll show you how to quickly and easily prepare something delicious and healthy, and you don’t have to stand in the kitchen all day to do it! Your children will be involved in the preparation and cooking, so they can help you in the future.

I am happy to advise you if you want to implement a healthy diet for you and your family. Take a look at the different subjects, to see what you want to learn about. I am also open to other suggestions if you have something specific in mind that I don't already cover.

Contact me and I will prepare a presentation for your desired topic. I am happy to present the lecture in kindergardens, schools, clubs, and offices or even in a small private group.

Gesunde ErnährungHealthy Eating

Everyone wants to eat healthily - but what exactly is a healthy diet? Do you have to give up many things? How can you introduce healthy nutrition for your family and in your everyday life? You probably ask yourself these questions often and now I can give you answers.


Genug von Diäten? Immer wieder Jo-Jo-Effekt?Fed up with dieting? No more Yo-Yo Effect!

Together we will find a way to help you reach the right weight. We look at your daily food intake and I will show you how to optimise your choices. Your personal preferences will form the basis of your diet upon which we build your personal nutrition plan in order to find a long lasting solution.


Reise durch die Welt der Lebensmittel - persönliche Einkaufsberaterin

Journey through the World of Food - Personal Shopping Assistant

Do you find all the choices in the supermarket overwhelming? Are the different labels and packaging confusing? I accompany you to your local supermarket and show you how to find healthy and tasty products and ingredients in your supermarket and what the alternatives are. We decipher the ingredients list and learn what a flavour enhancer is and how to identify additives.


Clever einkaufen - gesünder kochen

Clever Shopping - Healthier Cooking

The supermarket shelves are full of "convenience products" that are supposed to make cooking faster. But is that healthy? Go shopping without throwing these products in the shopping basket and buy fresh ingredients instead and produce something healthy and fresh in an instant. Impossible? I'll show you how!


Fit im Alter

Fit when getting older

Not only by regular excercise but also with the help of nutrition, we can adjust the age-related changes in our body. You will feel fitter and more energised, proving that you don’t belong on the scrap heap!


Frühstück - Power-Start in den Tag

Breakfast - Power-Start your Day

Breakfast is an important meal for a good start into the day so you should make the most of it. I will show you various delicious ideas for summer and winter, hot or cold breakfast, easy and quick for every day or something more complex for the weekend. No matter what you choose, you get a lot of healthy options that you can use in everyday life.


Gesunder Pausenhof

Healthy Lunchbox

Is your child's favourite subject the break? I'll make a few suggestions about what you can put in your child’s lunchbox - healthy and tasty things, so that the time between English and math is enjoyable.


Kinderlebensmittel - mehr Schein als Sein?

Special children's food - necessary?

The special children's food is booming at the moment. But is all the fuss justified? Does it really make a valuable contribution to the nutrition of our children? Or is it simply a matter of clever marketing strategies of producers? These are key questions that we can discuss!


Kochen für und mit Kindern

Cooking with Children

Children are often very picky and reluctant to try new foods. In this workshop we will awaken the natural curiosity of children and encourage them to cook and enjoy delicious, new foods that the little ones will love!



Refrigerator Check-up

I will visit you at home and together we inspect your refrigerator and your supplies and we'll see what foods can be added, which should be better replaced by others and which can be tried again, so that your diet is even healthier.


Geschmacksschulung für Kinder

Taste Education for Children

How do carrots actually taste like? Or strawberries and pumpkin? Children learn to consciously taste and enjoy different foods. Their senses will be awakened and trained and they will get to know what real food tastes like so that you can cook for them the healthy foods you enjoy!




Pregnancy puts high demands on our bodies which we can meet with an appropriate diet. The expectant mother feels good and the unborn baby is thriving.




After birth, the body might be weakened a bit, but it must immediately provide high performance, because a little one wants to be fed. During this time it is particularly important that the body receives all the essential nutrients needed by the mother, but also to support the infant in its development.