About Me

André Schönbeck expert on nutrition, exercise and relaxation

My goal is to offer you a professional, comprehensive and above all, individual concept for your personal goals.

I am personal food coach with passion and commitment, the impact of a healthy diet, more exercise and relaxation as well as optimizing the livestyle fascinate me most here.

It is been a few years ago that I faced out of the blue a diagnosis of burn out, in the form of extreme high blood -pressure and dangerous blood fat levels, back pain, and 24 pounds overweight, I felt instinctively that I wanted to give my body a chance to self-healing, awareness without medication and their side effects.

A decision for which I am grateful every day.

Through a sensible diet and lifestyle change, a strategy of small steps whose success after a few weeks showed me to keep going and motivated. After only 109 days, I was able to bring my body, mind and soul back into complete harmony, without pharmacists!

Through this personal experience is then born in me the desire to deepen my existing knowledge and I have got specialized in the area around the nutrition to an expert and made it my mission to use my knowledge and experience to assist other people in order to perform more vitality,health and pure joy of life.



  • Nutritionist & Member of the Association DGOM&DGE e.V.
  • Professional trained Chef de Cuisine
  • Professional Food Manager - CFH certified Los Angeles, CA
  • Personal Trainer - certified BDPT e.V.
  • Fitness Trainer B License, TÜV Rheinland certified
  • Relaxation therapist
  • Trainer progressive muscle relaxation
  • Autogenic training coach
  • Clinical hypnosis
  • Massage therapist certified
  • Foot reflexology& lymphatic drainage massage therapist
  • Ayurveda nutrition Advisor
  • Basic medical training under medical supervision certified
  • Qualification - injection techniques (Sritzenschein) doctor tested and certified